Varsity Lecturer’s Private Part Goes Missing After Allegedly Refusing to Pay a Local Prostitute Her Dues

HELB and Lecturer

By Victor Chacha

Locals in one of the village around CHUKA University  can’t wrap their minds around a suspected ‘juju’ incident in which 42-year old lectures weapon of mass procreation reportedly went missing after he allegedly refused to pay a prostitute her dues.

The lecturer, only identified as Mwangi, shocked locals when he narrated how his member disappeared, following a ‘gland to gland’ combat with a ‘thigh vendor’ he identified as Amina from the Coast, I guess Mombasa county.

The lecturer did not have enough to pay her so he only gave her sh. 300 and promised to settle the outstanding debt the following day. He used the rest of the money to settle the lodging bill.

He narrated that when the woman of easy virtue called a few days later, and Mwangi, again, didn’t have the money. She called one more time and he began playing ‘cat and mouse’ with her.

“She called several days but I didn’t have the cash. So when I told her to give me more time, she got worked up and threatened to take me to a mganga to teach me a lesson,” says Mwangi. He goes on to say he dismissed her offhand, thinking she was kidding.

Two days later, as he went to pee early in the morning, he was shocked to find his magic stick missing! That whole day, he felt a lot of pain as his bladder desperately needed to be emptied. Shocked, Mwangi called her but she never picked his call. When he insisted, she blocked his number.

One day later, his organ was still missing. Panic-stricken, he approached a neighbor whom he told his problem. Seeing as things were getting out of hand, with Mwangi’s bladder almost bursting. The neighbor took him to a witchdoctor in the neighbourhood who boasted that the problem was a simple one, and he could solve it in seconds if only they paid him sh. 500.

Unfortunately the two could not afford the services. Trapped between a rock and hard place, the cash-strapped duo tried three other witchdoctors who still demanded money they could not afford. Seeing as Lady Luck was still sulky, the duo had to inform Mwangi’s wife, who got so furious. But considering the gravity of the matter she calmed down and informed his parents about the tragedy.

Mwangi’s parents had to enlist the services of a powerful witchdoctor that very day, all the way from his rural home in Machakos, “Had it not been the timely intervention of the witchdoctor, I felt like I could die. My bladder was taut with urine and there was pain all over. The witchdoctor said the hooker had used deadly juju on me from Pemba Island. He asked me to lie on my stomach as he talked with spirits asking them to restore my ‘thing’, miraculously, after chanting incantations and slapping my stomach, the organ ‘returned’,” explained Mwangi, who said he is now born again.

However, save for Mwangi’s accounts and those of eyewitnesses present as he explained the incident. I could not independently establish whether indeed the organ was missing.




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