Varsity Student Launch The First Mobile Video Game


Youth, to a lot of grown-ups is a euphemism for vice, hype and lost direction. And I will contend that can be true. We have a scourge of young people binge watching, partying, prodigal-spending and committing crime. They are the most vulnerable to false scents. They can be lured so easily. We all know of a heinous booze and sex party that was slated to happen. It was aimed at the youth.
But inspite of all that, there are smart young people out there inventing things, creating start ups and even developing softwares. Not long ago a Muslim teen, 14 years old, made a digital clock from a pencil case in the US. There are countless other stories around the world tapping into the prowess of young prodigies, even here at home, Kenya.

Today I will feature the story of young computer nerds from JKUAT, Uon, and Strathmore who have huddled up to create computer games. Their group is known as Mekan Games.

Mekan Games is a team of independent video game developers from Nairobi, Kenya. They are proudly Kenya’s youngest video game developers. Mekan is a swahili word meaning ‘Mimi naweza’ so from that to English it becomes Me-Can so twisted a little bit to Mekan Games.

Mekan Games launched their first mobile video game called Wings Of Fury. It is available for android phones, Windows gadgets and iPhones. The game has drawn a lot of attention and has been featured in websites such as and also earned a spot as Kenya’s trending topic on the 2nd of November resulting in innumerable hits at their website. It’s been able to attract 25,000 downloads globally. Even now, they have released a new game called ‘ Craving Carrots’ set to be launched in the near future.
Apart from creating  video games, they also aspire to  create a gaming community in kenya, and at large a video game development trend in the republic. They believe that it is about time we create games for Kenyans by Kenyans.

The founder of Mekan Games is Evans Ndambuki from JKUAT. The other members of the team include: Carren Mwikali Mwanzia (JKUAT), Nickson Nzango Mwaniki (UON), Jibril Abdi (Strathmore University) and Pauline Waigumo (JKUAT).



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