Varsity Student Loses Yet Another Ksh. 20,000 Helb Money in SportPesa Bet

bet sportpesa helb

Betting is fast sweeping across local universities. This past weekend, a student who is also a fan of English Premiership side Manchester United lost half of his Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) money to a bet. This happens even after Magazine Reel had reported a case in which one of the university of Nairobi students had close to 40000 shillings in the betting game.

Speaking to the Standard Newspaper the third year student at the University of Nairobi said:

“The odds looked good and we had a good run, so I placed a bet. I would be Sh20, 000 richer. I don’t even know what to tell my parents.”

Requesting not to be named, he said he was encouraged by the two previous weeks where he had doubled a Sh10,000 bet which he won when he predicted a Man-United draw. Not so lucky this time round.

“I started with a Sh5,000 bet, United won, then with the doubled amount I successfully predicted a draw, but now it’s all gone,” lamented the gambler.

Some of the student gamblers have been forced to defer their studies after losing all their fees to the betting monster. The betting game has been so rampant within the urban based campuses.

Sportpesa which is one of the giant companies in the betting game and gambling in general has swept across the region. Most youths especially in campuses and fans of sports events have been made to take another dimension in their fanaticism. The company allows one to put as little as 100 shillings as stake and end up winning as much as 26 million shillings.



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