Varsity Student Wins Ksh. 346 000 in Sportpesa


Sportpesa is making Kenyans both broke and rich every passing day. After complains from the students fraternity that the betting giant was siphoning money from their pockets, reports indicate that a student has won close to 350, 000 shillings. The Kenyatta university third year student who is a frequent user of several betting sites admitted that he only placed a stake of 100 shillings.

Jacob Okeyo whose gambling techniques goes back to the days of casino plays has lost close to 50,000 shillings to Sportpesa betting game. The economics and statistics student says that he didnt have any cent by the time of the start of the games he had picked. Okeyo says he only got 110 shillings from a friend who had promised to buy him lunch several months ago. Instead of taking lunch, he decided to place a stake in Sportpesa, a multibet which has been active since last week and was only waiting for the last game to be played yesterday.

Jacob becomes the third student to have come out in public with claims that he had won cash which could change his life for the better. Months ago, a university of Nairobi student had come out to plead with the CEO of the betting company to give him back the money he had lost. The student now a third year in the school of engineering had placed a stake of 20000 shillings only to lose it when Manchester united failed to win their match.

The student while talking to Magazine Reel narrated how his father had sold the only cow at home to ensure that that he had paid the outstanding fee balance. He says he was lured by the story of a friend who shared how he had rocked in a cool 20000 shillings by placing a stake of 1000 shillings.

Jacob has indicated that he will use the money he has won in starting projects back at home. He also says that he will set aside some of the money for any orphanage that that he will chose.




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