Varsity Students to Join NYS if Parliament Enacts Proposed Bill

Bill NYS Troops
NYS Troops

University students across the nation will be forced to join a military like training group such as National Youth Service (NYS) should the parliament agree to enact law from a proposed bill. The bill promoted by young parliamentarians seek to establish a valid morality among the university students.

The bill comes only days after the country experienced germination of riots from atleast three campuses within a week. The University of Nairobi students went on the rampage following the hotly contested SONU elections held on 1st April 2016. Masinde Muliro university of science and technology (MMUST) also followed suit over examinations card and fee payment fiasco.

The young parliamentarians led by Ababu Namwamba and Johnstone Sakaja believe that the riots and unrests in universities are due to lack of enough discipline among students. The parliamentarians also feel that lack of proper way of solving problems that arise between the administration and students is the main cause of the riots.

The bill proposes a compulsory training for all the youths who have completed their secondary school education. The bill if it becomes law will ensure that all the Kenyan youth including those who will not be joining various colleges are disciplined enough to make tough decisions.

A well publicized article by Dr Bitange Ndemo on introduction of a paramilitary training to the youths of this country elicited a negative response from the public. In an opinion piece published by the Daily Nation two years ago, the former Permanent Secretary proposed such measures after almost being stoned along the university way by the rioting University of Nairobi students.

If the bill goes through all the readings and is enacted to be become law, Kenya will join other nations such as Serbia in exposing all her youth in a special paramilitary training. Serbia has all its citizens equipped with proper skills to combat enemies in case of emergency situations such as terror attacks.

The Ababu led team also aims to equip the students joining universities with necessary skills to counter terror attacks such as the ones organised by the Somalia based Alshabaab group. The Alshabaab attacked and killed more than 147 students in Garissa University College last year. The terror have also claimed attacks in various locations in Nairobi city, Mombasa and Garissa.




  1. I don’t believe a ton that a forceful paramilitary training can discipline a young adult…discipline is relative and it depends on how an individual was brought up..Methinks it is a personal decision to be disciplined…Again I cant tell the motive of those who put forward the motion..politicians are so queer and highly unpredictable, it might be a strategy to be seen doing something in the house so as to be hyped as the most outstanding paliamentarians. They should instead think of how to give more money to students to facilitate their academics…As for me, even if they train me up to Israel, I can still be readily blown up by Shaabab because I am never interested in military!

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