VIDEO: Freelancing Meetup, How to Make Money Online


How often do you get an opportunity to learn from the best in an industry, especially when it comes to making money? Well, not too long ago, I had an opportunity to attend a training session on how to make money online from some of the top gurus in the industry.

Among the trainers were Sheeroh Kiarie, a renowned transcriptionist who has helped many get started with online working, David Mbugua, a video captioner who has also had amazing success with online work, and finally, the legendary and eloquent writer and speaker, Kevinson Libama.

VIDEO: Freelancing Meetup, How to Make Money Online
Sheeroh Kiarie, a renowned transcriptionist

This team of three came together, and in the process brought together, a group of people looking to get their foot into online work. The attendees included working and stay-at-home mums, as well as students from various institutions. In the audience, you could also spot some older ones eagerly listening in on how to make that elusive buck from the internet.

Learning How to Engage with Clients

Online work, in some way is similar to ‘traditional office work.’ You still need to relate with bosses, hit deadlines, and sometimes get your work returned for review. Sheeroh took us through the process of dealing with clients and the importance of ensuring you engage with them in a non-confrontational manner. She touched on the bidding process and how to make your bid stand out.

She also highlighted why, despite such seemingly challenging work environments, you still have a better shot of making a living online over looking for office work or other forms of ‘traditional employment.’

Diversifying in Online Work

VIDEO: Freelancing Meetup, How to Make Money Online
David Mbugua, video captioner

Next in line was David, a proficient captioner. David started by first defining what captioning entails and and what clients generally expect from a captioner. He also went through the basics of getting started, such as having a fast and reliable internet connection, a good computer, and a set of headphones.

David also touched on the importance of diversifying your skill set to accommodate a variety of clients. As a freelancer, there are low and high months. When you diversify, you are assured of regular income, and often, you get to earn from all your skills most of the time.

The Importance of a Portfolio

VIDEO: Freelancing Meetup, How to Make Money Online
Kevinson Libama, the legendary and eloquent writer and speaker

Kevinson delved deep into the subject of portfolio making and how to ensure it stands out from the competition. He offered some very practical suggestions when writing a portfolio and when bidding. The importance of good English, a comprehensive portfolio, and engaging voice are all vital.

How to bid for Work

Kevinson highlighted the importance of research on clientele, and ensuring you give as much detail as possible on a bid.

This was a very eye-opening training into the world of online work. It was also encouraging to see others working online and earning a good living out of it.

Below is a video trailer of the event:



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