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Do you have a job? Did you just quit your job or were you laid off during this trying times of COVID-19? Some many answer ‘yes’ to all the above questions. Others will say that they have jobs but salaries are minimal and only help them to survive. Some will mention that they have never had a chance to be employed and have been operating businesses to generate income. What if we told you that all that doesn’t matter. You only need to focus on the dreams you wanted to achieve and how much they cost. We will tell you how you can gather resources needed through football betting. Some will even find themselves turning the game into their full time job earning as much as 40,000 shillings each month.

Well, you must be in the know that earning a living has become a huge problem to so many people in the world. So many people are not able to pay their rent, build houses nor establish other important businesses. It is mainly because sources of revenue have shrunk and people are limited to what they can do in order to earn a living. Some have been advised to go into business. Others are opting to do menial jobs while others have simply lost hope and are only praying to God to stop COVID-19.

If we told you that there is an industry which doesn’t require much to help you employ yourself and earn a living, it is highly likely that you will want to disagree and seek for approval from success stories. But if we did it differently and told you that you could sign up to a company right this moment, commit a few coins, apply abit of luck and intelligence and earn as much as you can, you will most definitely be interested. At this time, you must have known that the only steady business industry in the continent is Betting. No lay-offs are happening here as long as football games are scheduled to be played.

Before going any further, it is important to note and caution you that Betting is a dangerous game which can either make you extremely rich or render you extremely poor. It can take all that you have in a very short duration of time. You must therefore be smart and very careful with your interest to make money through Betting. We could help you in ensuring that you are careful enough and make enough profits to counter your one time losses. Do not think that you won’t lose, you will and sometimes it will be so painful to you. This is the reason why only risk takers are allowed to go full blown into betting to earn a living. But, do not be afraid just yet. The below plans provide best of services to every individual interested in making profits each day from betting. The amount one needs to venture into betting must not exceed 10% of his or her earnings. This is equivalent to your entertainment costs since betting is an entertainment commodity.

To venture into betting with our plans, you will need a maximum of 7,000 shillings and a minimum of 250 shillings. This is your only start-up capital. We do all the work in the plans below and all that is left for you is to place bets in any site and win each day.

Pick any plan below and subscribe if you feel like joining and receiving our services.

1. Two Days Running Betslip

Sahihi Bet offers a 2 day running multibetslip with 60 odds. The slip has games playing as from today Saturday to Sunday evening. The a must win slip can be accessed via SMS upon payment of 1150 shillings via MPESA to Till:5266471 or directly to 0792862269.

2. Account Management

Let professionals manage your betting account and make for you a profit of up to 10,000 shillings per week and up to 40,000 shillings per month. We use a specific system of betting known as Martingale strategy. The strategy is a proven sure way of making money through betting.

To let your account be managed, pay a service fee of 2000 shillings for a week or 6,000 shillings for a month via MPESA Till: 5266471 or directly to 0792862269. Deposit 1,000 shillings into your betting account wallet and share your login details via SMS to 0758271865.

3. Daily, Weekly and Monthly Plan

You can also subscribe to the daily plan which gives you access to 15 sure odds at a cost of 250 shillings.

Also get 15 odds slip daily for seven days in a weekly plan at a cost of 1000 shillings or get the slips daily for 30 days at a cost of 3,500 shillings.

All payments are made via MPESA to Till: 5266471 or directly to 0792862269. You will receive the slip via SMS immediately upon payment.

You can also get in touch with us via SMS or calls to 0758271865.



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