Ways University and College students can Stay Fit and Healthy while in Campus.

Ways University and College students can Stay Fit and Healthy while in Campus.
Ways University and College students can Stay Fit and Healthy while in Campus.

You are off to college or the university, the first “big ” into independence and a very significant step in this journey of life! It is a great testing and proofing ground for faith in action. For many it is a step me in life that has more freedom and opportunities for growth than anything else experienced since birth.

Unless one is bound to a military Academy or some other unique institutions, no one will tell you when to eat breakfast, when to go to bed, or when to wake up. No one even checks to see whether you take lunch, bathe, dress in reasonable clean clothes or finish your assignment.

Can a university or college students structure and live a health – promoting lifestyle?? Below are the possible ways to achieve this:

(a) Establish a routine for your daily life,

Always establish patterns that make for an orderly day. Put things you need to use everyday like keys, ID-cards, notebooks, in a designated place. Keep materials for each course in it’s own folder or notebook or scanned into a file, your smartphone or tablet or laptop. These are simple things but they’ll bring a calming, stress-less effect on your busy day. They also give’ space ‘ in your days for surprises or extra opportunities that arise.

(b) Get enough sleep

God designed us to need sleep. It is a phase of repair and renewal for the entire body. Deprived of sufficient sleep (7-8 hours for most) we don’t think or learn well and we ‘re grouchy, both of which negatively affect relationships as well as Academics.! Going several days without enough sleep lowers resistance to and we’re “easy prey” for the next virus that finds us. Most University students chew most of their sleeping hours chatting, watching series movies, browsing activities which render them ‘non productive’

(c) Eat properly……….. That means breakfast too,

Three simple things that will improve the nutritional well being of a comrade are :breakfast, have at least five serving of vegetables and four servings of fruits daily and drink sweet carbonated beverages (soda pop) in moderation…. Above all, take more water.

(d) learn to avoid and /or manage the stress-related issues while in Campus.

Most University and College students, are prone to stress and susceptible to unnecessary stressors ranging from broken relationships, financial constraints and even assignments. But here is a cure, don’t procrastinate assignments and academic projects, avoid premature relationships and use the little money you have profitably.

(e) Build at least a half hour of physical exercise in to your daily routine,

Instead of concentrating all your energies in reading, storing, charting and sleeping during odd hours, utilize University fitness areas, to improve your physical fitness and build your real shape. This compels you to sweat and as a result you excrete waste from your bodies.



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