We want Exams, Rongo University Students Demand

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By Linda Amollo

Even though university lecturers are still on strike, Rongo university students have completely turned their backs on this and want the end of semester exams to be issued to them as had been communicated. Unlike students in other campuses, Rongo university students have since lagged behind in terms of their academic levels. This they say is mainly because of the uncountable unsympathetic long holidays that they have been subjected to.This they feel is a clot in their blood vessels and its remedy has to be found before it is too late.

A good number of lecturers in Rongo university are part-time lecturers so why should teams be postponed? The students have since become impatient and seriously feel that the university should pay these lecturers and they should, in turn, supervise exams lest their graduation may not take place at the stipulated time.students feel that the student’s governing body has terribly failed in their duty to represent them in the Senate and to push for their needs to the administration. Instead of bridging the gap between the students and the administration they have become a stumbling block to those who elected them.

It is still not clear whether the ongoing lecturers Stoke has affected communication at Rongo university. Students now depend on the grapevine for information yet the university should be liable for official communication in the university. This communication disconnect within the university may spur students unrest if not taken care of in time.It should be clear to these students whether there are exams or not.



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