WEDNESDAY SIESTA: Guys keep calm and let ladies make the first move

the kenyas middle class nightmare

Hello and welcome to Wednesday siesta again.

Men are used to the burden of making the first move. So used to it until first move is becoming a cliche. If you however ask some guys,it is never comfortable for them but they do get better over it with time. What if the ladies contemplated on making the first move?

Guys am sure you will concurr with us in this. A woman who approaches a man stands out and men can determine a few thing about her. Her boldness, in approaching you tells you she is probably confident, spontaneous, brave, outgoing, direct and thinks outside the box. Guys, who on this planet will deny the pleasure of been approached by a woman with such qualities,definitely none.

Men are used to their old ways of approaching ladies. “Sasa mrembo, you look beautiful, love your dress, u look stunning” yea, those type of normal old fashioned ways of approach that men use. Guys, picture this. What if you just sit there, and give the ladies the chance instead. Ladies will probably not go for you because you are handsome. Ladies tend to think outside the box. Every lady will have her own way of approaching a man. Men will never have even a rough idea of what the chick is about to utter to them. Unlike men whom you will always tell what they are about to say, what is in their mind. Keep calm men and give yourself chances to hear this new approach styles.

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Men mostly approach ladies when they are drunk.Ladies are tired of this drunk approach from drunk men. Men who only gather courage to make a move after having a sip of alcohol . A man who will wake up the next morning to say i never meant what i said, i was drunk. Men who will die of shyness if he meets you the following day when he is sober. If ladies make the first move. No shyness. Courageously approach you in that sober mood. Contrary to men, ladies will first approach you then drinks will follow later. That sounds nice, right!

Guys fear NO for an answer. Come on guys, ladies will make the first move despite her six female friends with her. Ladies will never fear NO for an answer. But few guys will give  no for an answer to any lady. Ladies will never be embarrassed of their men. They will carefully look at guys before  making their first move hence proud of it.

Guys,you no longer have to bother Google with ” how do i make my first move” questions. Just relax and give ladies the chance. You will love it.




  1. So, the ladies should make the first move, ataendelea kukukatia ama now the guy will be the one to please her?

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