Were Were May be the Ideal Candidate For KUSA Presidency


The frequent chanting by comrades of Sammy Were Were, the unwavering attraction towards him, them falling under the spell of his charming personality, all put in one word-the clamor: of seeing him as the next KUSA president will obviously continue to remain high. But still, how do you judge a man, a man’s worth, a man’s capability to lead? surely, by his intelligence, his virtues, his moral obligations to the public, his consistency in seeing the translation of fantasy into reality. Yes, and that forwards the question of whether Were Were, who seems to be ‘standing taller’ than any other bidder in the KUSA presidential race, is worth the ‘big seat’ in the students’ association (KUSA). Again, all these are refined by one question, “what do comrades want?”


At this time when discontentment from the retiring KUSA office  is felt by students. Were Were puts it strong that he’s out to push for what is right. While interacting with his followers in social media he says, “We have a presage and so a vision of a better tomorrow but we have not identified the means yet we have the power and the will. We shall remain steadfast and meticulous till we obtain the golden object of our contest.” does this gist him as fitting?

In a university that purports to be of world class caliber and so ethnic fanaticism must remain a non issue, Were talks of equity and equality. As he puts it, “Right is of no tribe, Truth is of no faction and its inadequacy of definition still holds, God is the father of us all and we are all brethren. As we want to break the fetters of tribalism and poor leadership we must be ready to reboot it with leadership of candor and foresight.” Will he translate this into a reality?

We are all aware that the docket comes with increased pressure and daily agencies, that which it’s said could have forced the outgoing office to evolve for survival rather than success hence developing reactive forms of leadership. Will he withstand this adversity?

As it’s obvious in politics, one follows you if only you share with him or her common ideologies. It can then simply pass out that Were’s ideologies concur most with other comrades. But still, in the silence of the ballot box a loud public statement will be made.



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