What If IEBC Was To Go Home?

iebc protestor

So, the demos are set to resume on 6th June. Less than a week from today. Our opinions on the legality of the demos differ. But am sure that matters less at the end of the day. Maybe this is just my opinion, but this thing needs urgent solution.

It’s not about whether you/we like ‘them’ or not. It’s not about whether we are stronger than them or not. When things go out of hand, it no-longer matters who was right or not.

We talk more of not wanting 2007 to repeat itself. But what are we doing to ensure that it doesn’t? Apart from the words. Talking of us loving each other and being peaceful doesn’t make it true.

Insulting a leader on media doesn’t make everyone hate him/her. To some, they take it personal instead. Enough with that, let’s get just into the possible outcomes.

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1. What if the demos and the GSU counter-attacks go on?
Some say the opposition will eventually give up. Others say that the youth will eventually realize that they are being used and quit going to the demos.

While there might be various speculations on what might happen, one thing is for sure: There’s not a single day that the demo turn out members will be zero. And if people turn up and the GSU continues with whatever happened the last few demos, then more lives are likely to be lost. And when lives get lost, relatives and friends are likely to chip in, before we know it, we are fighting. “They killed our people”, is a sign when that time comes.

2. What if the demos go on and the GSU doesn’t show up?
That would be a crazy move to make. The demos would go on, but are likely to weaken and die out. No one argues with someone who isn’t there.

In any case, businesses get stoned or looted, then the defending side will have all the rights to accuse and even sue the demo leaders for having destructed peace. But then again the business owner’s right to security will have been violated when the police just sit back and watch.

3. What if the religious leaders/other forces end the demos?
If this is to happen, we should make sure that both/all sides come to an agreement. Otherwise, we will just have postponed a problem.

It’s better to work on this issue early enough rather than waiting for that time when every lung and ethnic leader is exhaling election politics.

4. What if IEBC gave in and went home?
This is unlikely to happen any time soon, but when it does happen, i hope we won’t have lost more lives.

But Hey! What’s next after they are out? Will we come to an understanding on who to be the new IEBC? How Long Will it take to form it? Will all of us agree with the new IEBC?
Will the constitution have been violated as claimed?

If the opposition then wins the next elections, will the current government and its supporters agree to the results? Sometimes questions are better than answers.

5. What if the president agrees to a dialog?
For this to happen, the president has to ‘betray’ a few souls running/ruling in the background and those of the opinion that he shouldn’t agree with ‘Those people’.

It also takes a lot of courage and humility to agree to a dialogue with the guys who make the government go personal during public rallies. However, if the president was to give room for dialogue, he would have saved a lot, both in terms of time, resources and potential life loss. And hey! that means earning the trust of some new followers too while losing a few of course.

6. What if the dialogue comes and the IEBC stays?

If this will have been something agreed to by all parties, which is unlikely to happen, it will mean that all that time spent on demos and the lives lost were somehow in vane. Of course the validity of this statement is relative. Depending on the side you fall/will eventually support.


When things go out of hand, pointing fingers will do less to fix them. What we need is a mutual understanding as Kenyans. And this won’t be realized by just preaching: “2007 should Not repeat itself”.

True peace and co-existence comes by accepting to put our pride aside, listen to issues at hand, and then work on the way forward.



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