What if There’s NO Heaven and Hell?


When Jesus was leaving his disciples behind in time to ascend to heaven, he left them the promise that he was going to prepare them a place in his father’s mansion. That is according to the Christian faith. But what if there was no heaven and hell? What if there was no eternal life?

It is sad that no one we have had actual contact with, died and resurrected. All we have is the Legend of Christ and creation, as well as belief that God is indeed there. Yet belief is not cast on stone. It can shift in the swiftness of the wind. It all calls for paying the piper to call the tune.

HellDeath could be just that, death. Once you die, that could be the end of life for each and every human being. Whether you died in a plane crash or along the road drunk driving; or whether you committed suicide in the name of a broken heart… It might not matter. The living will keep living. Until they stop living and end up dead.

If eternal life was none-existent then would virgins still see the need for purity? Would churches still be filled with hopefuls, Bible in hand and hearts flashing like badges of optimism wherever they went? Would there still be need to live a righteous life of blessing the supernatural and sticking by their code? Or is religion and everything it postulates just nothing but a form of social control to keep humanity sane and away from each other’s necks?

Look at the world’s nine popular religions in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism and Shintoism all with their own version of the idea of life and death and the hereafter. Whereas some bear the idea of eternity, Hinduism thinks that life is a series of cycles of birth and rebirth also called reincarnations; Buddhism among other things conceptualize enlightenment as the highest possible level one could get to the deity. Has anyone been to the ‘other world’ yet?

Doubting the existence of the other world is like doubting the existence of God. Yet with the mental capacities prized on humanity, the questions are bound to keep coming. Is Eternal Life really there? Or is our religious inclination playing poker with our sanity?




  1. Really, our mental limits cannot allow us to understa.d….you either have faith in wht you find in scriptures or you dont…but one thing’s for sure, this world with all its problems cannot be our final destination…it just cant.

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