Whatever Happens, Don’t Move-In With Your Man While At Campus

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Hi Beautiful, at one moment in your campus life, you will find yourself tempted to move-in with your “Mr Right”. There’s totally nothing wrong with you spending quality time with him in his room or yours once in a while. But don’t let that heaven-like feeling make you think that moving in with him is the best move. Heaven indeed it will feel, but with time, you will hate yourself for having abandoned your planet Earth for a temporary heaven.

I have no issues with the sweetness of your guy, but many things are bound to change when you move-in with him. Anyway, here are some of the things that make me advice against moving-in:

1. Married Before Marriage.

The moment you move-in with your guy, you naturally cease to be the single independent lady you once were. You’ve just gotten yourself in a “come we stay” type of marriage, inheriting all its pros and cons.

2. Invasion Of Roommates’ Privacy

Most likely, that guy of yours has a roommate who happens to be his close friend and a cost-sharing partner when it comes to the rent. The minute you move-in, you are literally invading the roommates’ peace and privacy. Don’t expect him to tell you that he’s uneasy. Even then, be sure that he will no longer enjoy his freedom to make tea in the morning with only a boxer on.

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3. Tempting Roommates.

Who Said gentlemen have no feelings!? That roommate silently suffers whenever you wake up in the middle of the night for a call of nature with only a silky micro night-dress on. For heaven sake! You already tortured him enough with the moaning and cravings all night long. Spare the innocent roommate and stay in your room please.

4. Bring Division Between Your Guy And His Pals.

Your guy has buddies who pay him a visit almost everyday. Some of which are purely #TeamMafisi, capable of even molesting you when your guy is in the shower. Even then, they are still his pals, please don’t make him chase them away. They do matter to him.

5. Lost Love.

Naturally, a guy is driven by challenges. The minute you move-in with him, you literally him give all you have to offer. As a result, he no longer has any challenge to keep him excited. You are now more of a colleague than a lover to him. That spark of him hugging you after weeks of not seeing each other is lost since he sees you everywhere he turns.

6. Lost Freedoms.

You are definitely too young to settle now. With that said, the minute you move-in, you will have to revise your lifestyle. Forget the endless night raves you were used to. Forget your male classmates coming over at any time of the night to finish up the coding you were working on during the day. Am sure your guy does have some gorgeous lady-friends who also don’t mind paying him a visit at midnight for him to install Microsoft Office for them. All those are some of the freedoms you both have to let go.

7. Lost Friends.

Lost freedoms interprets to lost friends. Once you move in with him, you will be forced to keep your girlfriends away from the room. And if you keep them around, your guy is bound to approach one of them; if it’s not her grabbing him while you are in the shower. At the end of the day, regardless of whether you keep them around or not, your friendships will eventually break-off.

8. Disappointed Parents.

If you were a parent to a lovely daughter, am sure you would be more than disappointed to find out that she did move-in with a guy when you went all the way to pay her full accommodation fees.

In Summary, as much as moving in with your guy might be a sign of great love both from your point of view and that of those who see you, many things are bound to go wrong after some time of staying under the same roof and may eventually destroy the love you once enjoyed so much. It’s better to have a constant medium chemistry that lasts for years than a one night full of extreme passion followed by days of misery. The Choice is yours dear. At least now you know.




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