Where Is The OB Culture From?


If you think i mean O.B the tampon then you got it all wrong. I am talking about a certain breed around town. Busy painting various towns with various colours mostly more than 4 colours. I am talking here as an ignorant observerer a normal human being trait.

Are these people like a movement? Do they have a certain dress up rule because they almost dress up the same. A cap mostly white, a colourful shirt that looks like they were snatched from tourists in Hawaii. Trousers that dont really reach all the way to the bottom. I suspect their anthem is blessings by drake, they are waaaay up and blessed.

Well i hope i dont contribute to their blessings. Most of them are still in high school or were, and they are mostly found in the eastland side of Nairobi. This movement also has their own way of speaking. Remember hapa kule news demonstrating how animals live? Yeah that monkey speaks like a complete ob.

This group should start an association where they have awards, maybe someone should research and find their founder. Who can write a history book about them, or maybe even have a reality show that airs on one of the local channels. Also have people gushing out how it identifies with them and how grateful they are for the show.
After that introduction I take this opportunity to speak my mind out. Who started this? This person should be kidnapped by fashion fanatics and taken to fashion school. Count me in for contributions if they will be taken to some fashion school in Paris. Trully these people should stop it at once we are tired of these fashion failures.

We tried coexist but its just impossible according to ladies I have approached about this subject.Change is all I can pray for this crop of immature people. We need your grown selves to teach our children better.



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