Why Did I Believe? By Liz Ekakoro


“Look at you! Good for nothing! I don’t even know where I picked you from. I guess the doctors exchanged my baby for you.” Screamed mama, after the new flask cracked when I was doing the dishes. I believed her. I was probably picked from one of the city council trash.

It was end of term. I took the 9th position in class, out of 55 students.
“Good for nothing! All you do is go fill the school’s toilet! Your juniors will beat you. They will soon be ahead of you. This kind of performance will not be taken in my house!” Shouted papa, when I handed over my report book to him. I believed him, I was so dumb.

I had a dream. I would be the next Miss World. When my sister heard that, she convulsed with laughter.
“Don’t be so ridiculous! What face are you taking with you? Looks like God created you when He was so tired, just before He took His rest. You don’t have the face for modeling, NO! Don’t scare the audience please!” I believed her, I was so ugly.

When I looked at the person behind the mirror, I shed a tear. She was so ugly, dumb and good for nothing! I wondered what God was thinking when creating her. My sister had a point, He was probably tired, very tired. But wait…why does Bobby look at me and smile? He probably wonders the same too, I guessed.

Just before I asked him why, he walked to me. “Nana, you are so beautiful!” He said to me.
My heart skipped a beat. It started melting, and just before it evaporated, I came back. I never knew all this time long that I could smile! I touched to confirm a curve really formed on my face.

Believe“You have the body of a model!” He continued. My legs could not carry me. I was overwhelmed. Or was I dreaming? My black cheeks were probably pink just that I couldn’t see.
“And you know what Nana, you are so brilliant. I believe you are going places if you keep on working hard.” This was so new to my ears. It didn’t sound real. It was contrary to my belief. I doubted I understood his language.

Bobby stretched his hands, opened his arms. He embraced me. He looked at me. I smiled. He asked me to stop smiling, my smile was going to kill him.

I went back to the mirror, and my oh my! What a beauty! The person behind the mirror was smiling right at me. Not to mention that she looked just like a model! I smiled back, and just like Bobby had said, the lady behind the mirror was brilliant.

I said to me;

“Nana, you are beautiful. You are brilliant. You have the body of a model.” My life turned around.

I excelled in everything. The story changed.

“You are the best daughter God gave to me.” Mama said

“I am so proud of you my baby! You are a good example to your siblings.” praised Papa

“Created in the image and likeness of God! I couldn’t ask for a better sister!” my sister boasted.

So, they lied to me before, why did I even believe them?


To all who in one way or the other don’t believe in themselves, or were made to believe not.

To the world around, there’s always something good in everyone regardless of who they are, what they look that. Speak life to people. Compliment them, words have power. Be the reason they smile.

To all the Nana’s, don’t believe them. You can be whoever you want to be. Just believe in you.

To all the Bobby’s out there, I love you. Never miss an opportunity to speak life into others. Focus on the good side of everyone, appreciate them. It is more than just words. You touch hearts.

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” Leo Buscaglia.




  1. I believe you. You are what others say you are only if you believe them
    By the way according to joemugendi you are supposed to be in Ukraine so are you still falling in the snow?

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