Why Fresh Graduates should Earn Ksh.30,000 or less

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By Wr. Gabriel Dinda

I have thought about this, done some calculations and finally arrived at 30,000. I now understand why most banks are generous enough to pay fresh graduates 30,000 or even 20k. Do you know what happens when you give someone a lot of money when they don’t have experience of using it? They waste it and never see it again.

Most fresh graduates, have many things in mind that they work towards. Most of these things are not necessary. In fact, 95% of them are pure nonsense (for lack of a more polite word).

Take a look at a fresh graduate who earns like 100k. Such are the ones who never invest in anything. They buy a 72 inch Samsung TVs, live in two bedroom apartments at unaffordable estates, buy unnecessary cars and date uncountable women with whom they gulp litres of ‘imported’ but cheaply manufactured liquor. You perhaps ask yourself why these people live in two bedroom houses, yet they are never home as they are perennially engaged at work and they stay alone.

They also don’t allow their relatives from home to visit them, because they want to keep their mlolongo of women secret. The padlock and the Landlord enjoy the ambiance of the home. They have 100 mbps internet connections and they are never there to use them. And when they use them? To keep up with the Kardashians and watch 10/10.

In this state, with their bundle of unnecessary friends, I mean ‘friends’, they end up not being able to account for their monies at all. So, when you visit them, they have all that their fathers don’t have, but in truth, they are the poorest people who ever lived. Being in this state is illusionary, so they feel like wamefika.

They don’t invest in themselves; they don’t register for masters or start a business, because they are still mastering alcohol brands. They never read books, because they are reading text messages from their unnecessary bundle of women.

Most of them never do anything with a view to investing in themselves. Nothing. They only do what their ‘boys’ tell them. Things like, ‘we are going for a road trip’. While the better trip would have been to a training session. With lack of investing in self, they stagnate in their careers, and soon the company finds a brighter fresh graduate and replaces them.

Then they start selling their TVs, Fridges etc. These are the people who make business for OLX. And in all honesty, you know I am right.

Fresh graduates should therefore be paid 30k or less. Just enough for them to pay for a bedsitter in an average estate, use for their monthly costs and send home to parents. Paying them this amount or even less will teach them to use the little they are entrusted with so that when they are entrusted with more, they can make good use of it.

In addition, operating with little money triggers one to think of how they can grow it. That’s when the thoughts of investing come in. It is ideal for one to think investment at this age, so that when the family comes and the responsibilities pile up, they find themselves in a better position to handle them. Please, employers, listen to me, Pay fresh graduates between 20k and 30k, strictly.

Gabriel Dinda is the Founder and Ceo of Writers Guild Kenya. You can send your responses to him via gdinda@writersguildke.com




  1. You can’t take an example of one or two people to generalise on the entire population,, i earn such an amount and am better off..i can’t take 30k

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