Why Maseno Students Need to take IT Courses Seriously

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It is very unfortunate and shocking as comrades miss out on the importance of the IT courses offered in Maseno. One would think that its a pure waste of time and that they have the basic knowledge that they need to survive in the market. I personally did computer studies in high school but that does not make me see the course as irrelevant. There are new things that i learn everyday. The IT courses are meant to give us a competitive edge in the market place whenever we go for an interview.


I can imagine that graduate who goes for an interview and the first thing he/She is asked is do you know how to use a computer? He/She laughs and says yes. Then a test is given, they struggle to remember what they learned in campus to no avail,(Kumbe!! it was that lecture you missed simply because you were too bright for the lecture) No pun intended it is the thinking that we know ,that keeps us from learning.

Surprisingly,  Some comrades assume that the units are quite easy and they do not need to attend the lectures and they would still be on the pass list. It is high time the administration took on the awareness creation on the importance of the IT courses. From my personal experience, units like excel, access, SPSS, information systems, word, desktop publishing and other many relevant ones are key when you get to the market place. Last holiday i remember a fellow comrade made a lot of cash from the skills he learned in the lecture hall. The lecturers give their part but i also believe comrades have a part to play. Take time and do your personal research( why are you in the university in the first place?)

You will not be surprised to find out that some comrades hate IT. Such that simple things like using your email, web skills in doing research, web based classes like the PHT course and just typing their own assignment is hell they would rather take it to the cyber and pay some money. You like it or not IT is important in one way or the other you depend on it.

Comrades!!! I think, I believe, I know you are changing your thoughts, feelings, emotions and reactions towards IT courses offered at the university in a positive way.

I rest my case!





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