Why Maseno University is a good Fit for Medical Practitioners


By George Munyasia

For 7 years now, Maseno University has been known across the country to be a center of excellence especially for medical students.

The young peoples’ dreams and ambitions come true as they get seriously engaged from the basics to the most complicated of elements in this field.

With the new modern laboratory built for medical students, it is inarguable that the institution offers a perfect environment for undisturbed learning. Hostels like Equator Estates and Makerere are set aside specifically for medical students who also transfer to City Campus, Kisumu, at a later stage, to extend their knowledge. They are both situated at the college campus (Northern wing) and just a few meters from their classes, laboratories, mess, and markets – Mabungo and Nyawita respectively.

It is surrounded by research institutions such as Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), which allow the students to conduct their research on diseases like Tuberculosis, Malaria, Bilharzia, HIV and Aids, among others. Chula Imbo hospital, just a few miles East of Maseno, has also been of great help for research. The university’s health center, on the other hand, gives them an opportunity for hands-on classes; diagnosing sick students and prescribing drugs, of course under the watch of their lectures, who are professors and doctors with vast knowledge and experience in their field.

The institution is also surrounded by mentors like the 12-year old Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK), which is a private chartered university well known for its specialty in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Students are given an ample time to prepare for their exams, including commencement of studies even during strikes. The administration has introduced online exams which are monitored by IT experts, and marked by the respective lecturers.

Despite a few setbacks noted a couple of months ago, including inadequate medical equipment, the institution still holds its mantle.



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