Why My 2018 Resolution Revolves Around Self Acceptance


It has been such a long time. Actually it is that time I have been waiting for. Do people still talk about resolutions for the new year? Do you? I know you have that long list of ABC’s-some even ABCDE…Z- that you are looking to achieve in 2018. But allow me trim your resolutions to a resolution: self acceptance. And the reason is as simple as Matiang’i. This guy has really made his ministries look simple. Self Acceptance is the counterintuitive way to become the best version of yourself in 2018.

Stop being what others want you to be. Whether you have been doing that to keep your slay queen or to win over the girl next door. By the way you need to check out for that song Sauti sol feat Tiwa Savage. Stop pushing yourself too much- underline the word too- to succeed. So how do we live our lives without obsessing over a specific outcome? How do we live authentically and allow life to unfold organically?

One, we have to move beyond self-esteem. Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner. For those of us who don’t know I just quoted Lao Tzu. We are subjected to own evaluation because of self-esteem. Thus, when we experience failure, our self-esteem plummets. When we succeed, it skyrockets. Rather than obsessing about how you feel about yourself, you can move beyond that into a state of self-acceptance. This means you get to accept yourself even if no achievements or approvals are met. Self-acceptance allows you to fully embrace where you are on the path. You live in the moment because come what may, you are enough. Put in simple terms; you accept who you are, while still striving for more. And psychological research fought out that not accepting yourself results in embarrassment, feelings of inadequacy, anxiety and depression. Feelings that you don’t want to have in 2018.

Mine is just to hope your new year resolution list is not full. This is a must take resolution this year. Thank me later. Happy 2018 folks.



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