Why Some Engineering Degrees in Kenya Are Considered Bogus


A number of universities in Kenya have been thrown in limbo as Tuesday saw both public and private  Universities being warned not to offer engineering courses that are no accredited. The Engineering Board of Kenya (EBK) gave advisory that failure to comply would attract a total sum of ksh 5 million and a jail term of 5 years for each administrator.

The Kenya engineering board stressed that for all engineering courses taken, required standards must be met and among them must be: consideration of the duration of training, adequate infrastructure with proper training facilities, adequately trained and qualified staff, standardized curriculum and also properly designed program.


The board warned universities not to admit students to any unapproved engineering degree programs. “There is no two way about this because our country is governed by a rule of law, said Mr Nicholas Musuni, the BK registrar in an interview. A notice was seen reading that the board will not recognize awards from any university purporting to offer engineering courses that have not been approved and accredited by the board.

Some of the universities that were put on spot over mucky engineering programs include; Technical University of Kenya (TUK), kenyatta University (KU), University of Nairobi (UoN), technical university of Mombasa (TUM), Masinde Muliro Univrsity of Science and Technology (MMUST).

This could imply that some students, both continuing and those joining campus will have to stay home as the accreditation menace is being sorted. More complication comes in as the date in which the accreditation business will be completed remain unknown. Alternatively those students who have undergone through the uncredited courses could remain jobless as securing a job will remain a big deal.

Already some first years in TUK are being shifted in courses they never chose in a bid not to inconvenience them further by sending them back home as one student, recently admitted there narrates the ordeal she’s going through to pick a different course after failing to be called for the course she wanted to do.





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