Why SUEU Sports and Entertainment Director, DJ Obidan is Confused and Lost

DJ Kalonje with Dj Obidan also the Director Sports and Entertainment- Egerton University

He had the noisiest campaigns, he had the most followers in the last SUEU elections. Like Vasco Dagama he traveled the university hunting for votes just like any other aspirants. In a week, he had won the hearts of many ladies and he was sure of a landslide victory in the elections. He was everywhere, leaving his worthy competitor Gitts lost in the political wilderness.

The outgoing occupant of the seat openly endorsed him, earning him the much needed votes from the city of champions and the rift at large. Come elections, he was voted the incoming director sports and entertainment, Egerton University. His Name, Obidan or Dj Obidan as he is commonly known, his predecessor,Freeboy Chemisto.

However, months into office. Obidan has managed to gift his critics with a lot of questions and doubts as to whether he is out to serve the students in his position as the director or he is just out on a business trip. Ranging from his controversial WhatApp status. A status in which Obidan admits that he is lost

“Don’t follow me, because am lost, if you follow me, we will all get lost,tukutane mbinguni” read the status some weeks ago.

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DJ Kalonje with Dj Obidan also the Director Sports and Entertainment- Egerton University
Being in a position of leadership, his critics took that as admittance of failure and incapability, under normal circumstances, a leader must not utter statements that send fear into the backbone shrines of the people he/she leads.

Another key point noted by his critics is the manner in which he has handled entertainment in campus and how he has risen in profile since his election. Obidan is the reigning Mr. Nax-Vegas, he Dj’s at a club in town weekly, fact’s that his critics note that has pulled him away from comrades.

Some also argue that his election as the director entertainment has just paved way for him to pursue his own dreams and aspirations. Since his election, he has not organize a major show in campus, not even a thank you show to his fans. He was recently at the triple E Theatre show with some boring comedians from Churchill show.

“He boasts of bringing Churchill Raw show comedians in some peoples show. Why cant he organize one of his own!”, said one of his critics.

Tomorrow, he will be hosting one of the finest DJ at Kilimo hall, an event that nobody knows its details. Whether Dj Kalonje will just make a ten minute appearance like DJ Crème De La Crème is still a mystery. Coming alongside Kalonje is said to be a comedian ‘Omwani’ of Churchil Raw. The big question is whether the students will buy the tickets to see the Dj spin or other big names in the music industry.

Tickets go for 150 shilings, probably the highest figure in the history of entertainment at Egerton university at Club Kilimo. Comrades therefore have all the rights to deserve more than just a Dj and an upcoming comedian Friday briefing desk thinks.

Not much has been done in the his field/docket since his election. His world revolves around music and the decs. Perhaps it’s because the various games have their captains who must look into the A’s and B’s of the particular sports.

During the flamboyant Chemisto’s tenure, he was spotted not once in the various fields checking whatever was going down. Even though Obidan might not do much in the pitch, his presence at the rugby pitch, basketball court, and football ground will speak more and bring him back closer to the electorate.

It’s evident that majority of students who voted in Obidan have lost faith in him and their hopes are dimming too. Without hope comrades can never survive. Obidan or whatever title he holds out of campus must act to stop killing hopes of students and do whatever he promised. The director should do all he can to win back the faith of comrades.

The next SUEU elections will be up in November, a mere 8 months away yet the good director has not yet realised what students need. Anyone can turn on speakers volumes and play around with Virtual Dj. Obidan must take his work seriously. Comrades deserve more than a Churchill Raw Mediocre and bragging. Obidan evidently has a lot of homework to do.




  1. For sure this Obidan is confused, some of us are not interested in those entertainment @ club k. The Dstv @ uppermess has never operated since his tenure in office. Why should comrades congest in studend centre to watch football leagues?

  2. Caleb ,great piece.you always cough in time.Obidan amezoea watu…..Lazima atatutambua,,comrades powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!.comrades tialalaaaaaaaa

  3. poor bloggers,,,!!!if you think Obidan is not a director enough,why dont you vie for that seat???….point of correction,tickets ni 100 bob only

  4. We love Koyo,we love caleb,always on point with the bitter truth,,you got a bight future in the media…..Obidan,,huyu sijui tumfanyie nini!!!

  5. Tickets ni a whole 150advance ndo 100,,Hapa ukweli ndo isemwe,,si ati poor blogger ama rich confussed director,,,obidan akwende mbali,,i wish i could grab him with my bare hands sai,,,nkt,,,ofuo kachieth

  6. Obidan or whatever you are,,we ni bure sana.We are now aware of you,,kwenda huko,nice job Caleb,you are our guy,our voice daily

  7. Mkilemea Obidan of which ni kweli,huyo boy ako down.But niko na cofession,am in love With Koyo ,anybody who can get me to him.Seriously,,,,.na si jokes..meanwhile,obidan aende mbali

  8. Big fan from Chuka university,,good job Caleb #Retrosexuals#fridaybriefing,,,,.We ndo wetu ,unajua kusema hii maneno,hata wengine wako hapa chuka wanafaa kusemwa..Watu wa eger mnangoja,,comrades should get that obidan and massage him

  9. that is true, obidan should aim at creating apportunities for promoting new talents possesed by comrades instead of looking after supremacy and self beneffites.

  10. ukweli,,i dont know Koyo.But i know his stories..am his fan from Technical university of mombasa…The guy is going far

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