Why The Use Of Good Grammar Is Attractive


Why are we saving our best language use for specific days? In any case you have got one better than that broken English patched with some poor Swahili that would make the wahenga curse themselves for having introduced a term referred to as ‘ngeli’,though it changes after some time.

Now that many people lack that special occasion, it ends up being searched for during the exam period and at this point I dont think it would be enjoyable most so in tackling calculations. Poor grammar stinks to high heavens whether used unknowingly or intentionally, though I fail to notive any comedy in using bad grammar intentionally.

One of the major wastage that has been going on in our time yet we are too fast to assume is the neglect of the expensively acquired knowledge. Using poor language renders all the efforts that has been made and strides taken in the hectic ladder of education useless.

In our daily life interactions the major tool of existence is communication and I cannot alow myself to be convinced that the use of bad grammar stands as one of the good communication skills. Whenever one uses correct grammar,the need to be creative in milking the kind of words to be used for a particular reaction is enhanced. Therefore,if u feel I need to keep up with my creativity then using proper language is not an option.

Let me say that there is a stark difference between being a bad speller and not knowing how to use grammar. I know people who simply just cannot spell, no matter how hard they try. Luckily for these people, there’s spell check and that relic of a book: The Dictionary! Not to mention,when you speak, no one knows if you can’t spell or not. Bad spellers can still exude intelligence in a conversation by using good grammar.

I’m not trying to police the entire English language. I certainly make mistakes myself. All I’m asking is that people use basic correct English. We have a set of standard rules so we can communicate as a whole and understand each other.

Good grammar is sexy because it makes a person seem reasonably and intelligent. This intelligence brings respect. No one is seriously attracted to someone they can’t respect.




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