Why University of Eldoret Increased Fees


“The riot by the University of Eldoret was uncalled-for as the disputed charges were increased gradually and by consensus,” the varsity’s vice chancellor Teresia Akenga said.

The students’ center, canteen and vehicles were stoned during  the riots on Wednesday, prompting management to close the institution indefinitely. uoe closed indefinitely

“The damage has shot to greater heights but we are still assessing the university” the angered vice chancellor Teresia Akenga mentioned. Police summoned after the strike were still patrolling the institution by yesterday.

“We will not rest until the University management rescinds the decision to increase fees” the student’s leader, Dickson Kalevu commented. He support his stand by quoting the students from poor backgrounds saying they will be adversely affected by the administration’s hectic move.

However the vice chancellor defended the fees increment move saying only three areas had been adjusted upwards which included teaching practice, accommodation and attachment fees.

“The changes factored in the electricity bills and other developmental issues. We have been implementing the fees increment plans for the last two years now”, said the concerned vice chancellor.

The big question asked by the University’s vice chancellor and the administration at large is, ” why have the students decided to take it as an issue now and it has been there underway for the past two years” Teresia Akenga raised her concern on behalf of the administration.

The furious vice chancellor put it it clearly that accommodation had been raised from Kshs. 2,500 to Kshs.3,500 and the industrial attachment fees was raised from Kshs.8,000 to Kshs. 10,000 only. ” We have all concerned documents duly signed by all the institution’s stakeholders after agreeing on the changes”, the vice chancellor continued.

Mrs. Akenga said even the university council and senate are in terms with that move and they supported it.




  1. We are resuming for our final year this September , all first years n 2nd years must be given compulsory holiday to rethink what they want at university.

  2. The reason for the increase is valid enough, but could the Vice Chancellor not spare a few minutes to explain this to the student body? It has become the practice at UoE to use the university website to communicate important information, but how many students bother to visit the website?. Many students I know spend 90% of their browsing time on social media and only visit university websites when they are checking fee balances, opening dates and other boring stuff. The UoE Management should bring itself up to speed and realize that computers cannot communicate effectively as humans. Prof Akenga must by now have noted that students miss the human touch-majority of these young people regard her as their mum and they need that motherly touch. Taking time to chat with them, visiting their hostel rooms incognito, taking a meal at the ‘mess’ with them never did anyone harm! This last riot was 100% preventible if only the VC had heeded the student leaders’ call for her to address them.

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