Win for Egerton Engineering Alumni Group as they Await Final Judgement on Registration


Egerton university Engineering students and by extension the alumni group from the same faculty will have a reason to smile this year after finding justice in the corridors of court. The students are set to get the final judgement by the end of next week.


The alumni group from the faculty of engineering had filed a court injunction petition to have the Engineering board of Kenya forced to accredit the courses being offered at the institution and subsequently have them recognized and given access to registration documents which will see them practice in Kenya and in other countries.


Engineering Students being chased by the police in a Varsity’s past demonstration over ERB Accreditation of Engineering degree.

The EBK had failed to approve all with an exception of Agricultural engineering course being offered at the institution. The board cited lack of enough skilled personnel to handle the courses and lack of enough training materials. Apart from Egerton, other major universities were also affected.


Technical university of Mombasa students took to the streets due to the boards action causing destruction and damages of properties worth millions of shillings. Engineering students from the UoN and other parts of the country also held a peacefully demonstration to the board’s quarters over the issue which still stay pending.


Reports indicate that the ruling of the civil appeal no. 240 of 2013 for the registration of engineers filed by the Egerton alumni group two years ago will have its final ruling delivered on 13th February 2015. The final hearing and ruling will be conducted at the Supreme court of Kenya opposite City Hall at around 9 am in the morning.


The group which has been relying on self sacrifice of its members to contributes towards paying the lawyers has said that they expect a huge crowd on that day. They said that they believed that they should not be held at ransom yet they had completed their education. They wondered why those who have complied with education systems were being undermined and punished for the crimes they have never committed.


The group has also asked everybody from the members of the public to all the students who feel aggrieved to show up on that day and support their friends. They referred to this as the only way to justice and assured everybody that green pastures await them after the 2 and half years of hard work.



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