Woman wins Ksh11 Million after Placing Daring Bets


Nuria Mohammed could not hide her joy when she cumulatively won Ksh11.4 million on one of Kenya’s gaming platform after placing several bets.

An elated Nuria narrated how she placed her bets on Odibet. She says she placed running bets on a rollover bank case shuffling between the various betting markets on for three weeks.

“I started placing bets when the normal matches were stopped following the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic,” said Nuria.

She had been advised by one of the Tips platforms that she could invest the 15,000 shillings extra money she had by placing bets smartly. She then started out with 6000 shillings as stake and paid out 9,000 shillings to the tips platform to help her generate winning teams each day for a month. She opted for the rollover plan which gave her 3 teams with a total of 5 odds each day.

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Nuria had never won before but had tried and lost severally. She was almost quitting but this last chance she had came through and was able to make more than 11 million cumulatively.


Here is How to Win the Betika Grand Jackpot this Week

Betting is as you can read here, a very lucrative business but also very risky. Whereas it is easy to make little money here and there, it is not easy having such a huge amount at ago. Only Jackpots pay people as much as 10 million shillings. Infact, to get atleast 10 million shillings at Betika, you’ll need to score 16/17 correct predictions in the Grand Jackpot which airs each weekend.

Though many have received such huge bonuses, the surest way of having such an amount in a multibet is through a rollover kind of a plan which is only offered by the platform known as Sahihi Bet. It costs 9,000 shillings to subscribe to the plan for a month, 2500 shillings for a week and 25,000 shillings for 3 months.

The slip is sent to subscribers every day via SMS and each is advised on how much to place each moment.

How to Subscribe and Pay for the Rollover Bets Plan?

  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Click on Lipa Na MPESA
  3. Buy Goods and Services
  4. Enter Till: 5266471
  5. Enter Amount: 25,000 or 9,000 or 2,500 shillings
  6. Enter MPESA pin and send

To contact Sahihi Bet, Sms or call 0758271865.



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