Worst WhatsApp Woes Ever


Instant chats,the likes of 2go really took people by a frenzy when they were the in thing;throw in a handful of “last seen” , two blue ticks and Whatnots and voila! You have whatsapp.Whatsapp did bring with itself some unfound excitement thanks to its features .Here’s the kicker;Kenyans on whatsapp have never failed to go out of their way to ensure that no stone is left unturned-even if it means being unreasonable on such sites,that, it seems is the least of their woes.

Picture this.Your phone log is full of peoples’ contacts,some of which you barely contact let a lone remember even existed.But there’s this mad rush to add the “strangers” in your whatsapp log,for catching up,no?You are burning with some zeal-and you just can’t explain why.So you add them,then four months down the line,your chat log still reads something like this:
3rd Jan 2015
Your “friend”:Hey.
5th May 2015
You:Hi,you lost!
Your “friend”:???

I mean,what’s the point? How about you guys just stick to the normal phone texting from time to time and perhaps those embroided forwarded Holiday wishes will do you just fine especially if the best you can say to each other is this,”kulost nayo!” Eishhh,priss bruh…

But hey, if acquiring a trail of whatsapp contacts for catching up is your joie de vivre,then so be it.However,some people believe that less is always more.Numbers don’t entice them at all.Traffic of people? naah…not their cup of tea.

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Then we have the whatsapp groups…*sigh*.These groups are made of various Kenyan characters,the good,the bad,the critics,the video and images experts,the “lefting” experts,the list is endless.I don’t see myself going down this road.Not now.Besides, these groups might just be the death of most of us,trust me.So,I rest my case!



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