Would You Marry a Man who Works in a Morgue?

Man in a Morgue
Kenyatta university funeral home

During my attachment in one of the law enforcement institutions in Nairobi, i had the opportunity to attend a post-mortem as part of what i had to get exposed to practically. Together with my fellow attachees , Gorrety and Sophie, we attended the post mortem on Wednesday in the afternoon at Kenyatta university funeral home.

The three of us sat in the waiting lounge as we awaited the pathologist to arrive and give us direction on what next. Then one of the mogue attendants came out of the facility. A fairly handsome lad, with green gloves, white gumboots and a white fitting apron.

Man in a Morgue
Kenyatta university funeral home

I really had to think about it for along atime when Sophie said this statement,

“I  cant marry a man that works in a morgue.”

Gorrety could not stop giggling and i was like why? Thats exactly what i asked sophie.  She then replied,

“Jowi, after touching the copses, he’ll come back home and touch me with the same hands, hell no, i cant stand that!” she jockingly commented.

“Further more we will be eating from the same plate,” added sophie.

I smiled while asking myself if sophie would ever die now that she was thinking too little of these useful characters in the society. i mean,  will she ever follow ‘the way of all men?’

while still trying to get the sense in Sophies comment, Gorrety reminded us of something. Our supervisor back at the station told us that the pathologist had to carry out six post-mortems on that particular day. The berieved family had to pay a total of Ksh 20000 each for a poat mortem. Out of this sum, ksh 15000 goes to the pathologist who carry out the the examination and only KS.  5000 goes to the morgue administration. In simple and plain term, the pathologist was to pocket a total of KS.  90000 at the end of the few hours in the morgue facility.

Funny  enough, Gorrety throws bach the question to Sophie.

“Would you marry a man that works in a morgue?”



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