It would not be wrong to say that everyone on the surface of the earth was brought up in a different type of way or in different situations. Well this may or may not apply to siblings because despite the fact that people are brought up in the same family, the parents may tend to treat each kid differently. Let me take you through these two situations.

Looking at an example, everyone in the world is not blessed with the same amount of wealth as his or her friends, relatives or parents. Some kid brought up by a rich family would have more resources than they need, they would also be enrolled to the best schools there are in the region or the country. They are also the kind of people who go to all the fancy restaurants in the city on Sunday after church or in the evenings after work. Children in these families are the ones who will cry all night because they were bought a smartphone that they dint like or because the dad insists they have to be taken to school by the driver.

With the less privileged people in the society, it is one totally different situation as compared to what the wealthy families go through. These are the kind of people who go to public schools (not hating on these schools) some actually take their classes under trees and some have to walk kilometres to get to school. These kids find themselves in understaffed schools where they are not taught efficiently. Several in some counties are even taught by police officers because of lack of teachers but the kids have the will to learn and go to school every day. People in these situations live difficult lives that’s why we see such children leading in class when they get the opportunities to join high schools which most of them don’t get.

Looking at the above it becomes easy for one to know how difficult or simple life could be. However, the situation you find yourself in be it a hard one or the cosy life acquired from your parents you can always make your life better.God may not give you wealth but He will always give you an opportunity or a talent to help you make yourself a better person in life. We don’t choose the life to find on earth once we are born but God can never deny you everything. If you are fortunate enough to find yourself in a wealthy family you still have the opportunity to utilise what you have so ensure that once you also have your kids they will have a better life than you did.




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