You Expose US Too Much!!!, Egerton University Students Cry Out


Egerton University Njoro campus students have expressed their feelings towards Magazine Reel writers/reporters  more so from the campus. The students were concerned about the level of exposure accorded to their negative activities. They argued that the writers who appear to be truthful with the events are too much on them.

Most of the students who follow Magazine Reel’s twitter handle @MagazineReel receives lots of news articles hour in hour out of which they argue that close to 40% touches them directly and 20% indirectly.
Walking in the street’s of the campus, you could here comrades say

“Hawa watu wako na ujinga “(sic) ‘These people are foolish’

” Wanatumulika Sana ” (sic) ‘They expose us too much.’

While others were arguing that the Magazine explodes without proper investigations, a lot more said that the Magazine goes deep even to minute things hence always compiles a report with a reflection on what exactly happens in different sections of the Njoro based campus.

Comrades cried out loud that the recent articles about the campus e.g The Lake Victoria Hostel Room 101 incident, The fourth year male student who faced the wrath of a lady in the kitchennette and The Campus running out of condoms has really exposed their dirty linen in public.

They though expressed gratitude about the exposure and continuous revelations that the Best Campus News Site has carried out in the institution. Most of the students told the colleagues to brace themselves for a better life ahead with the information gap that Magazine Reel has resorted to fill.

The comrades have gained interests in identifying the writer’s from the campus wherever they carry out their bussiness in the campus and are too much keen not to lie on the negative side of the best Kenyan campus News site.

Most students who opened up to speak about their plight were pleased that their siblings and relatives could easily reach out to and read the information worldwide wherever they were about any emergency happennings in the institution 24-7.

Many of them, especially the first year students congratulated Magazine Reel for feeding them with notices and important information about the campus and also countrywide whenever they happen and wherever they are. The students said that the news site helped them in knowing what they were more advanced with more than the other Universities and also instills a lot of social networking and engagements between the different University students population in Kenya.  They urged their colleagues to contribute more to the advancement of Egerton students voice within the corners of the online news Site.

50 of the first years who spoke to this writer vowed neither to click the unlike button nor stop following the widely recognized News site in Kenya and it’s environment.

The students also urged their senior colleagues to use the platform in telling them more of what they should expect in the premier agricultural varsity in Kenya.

To continue receiving the news updates on happenings within your varsity and others within Kenya, like Magazine Reel Facebook page or Send F @MagazineReel to 8988 using your mobile phone for free.




  1. When i was six years,i was told never to expose my naked mother.growing up.i learnt that when your mother puts on clothes that are transparent and weird,you dont keep silent,you tell your mother to change her wardrope.

    • Exactly my Argument Koyo. It takes a brave and honest person to tell the king that he is naked. Magazine Reel helps in airing the voice of the helpless in the Kenyan students fraternity, We must embrace the good and change from our dirty ways. If our linen is dirty then we must hasten their washing before dawn

  2. That is a fact but please the oilskin of the house should not be rubbed into the skin of the strangers

  3. It is absurd to argue that an exposé’ should not be carried for Egerton’s negative deeds yet the same students will lamenting how they are given wide by main stream media. Magazine Reel should continue highlighting that doesn’t sound humane in this premier Agricultural varsitt

  4. The readers should know that we also share the shame with them.we cannot be silent under the umbrella of patriotism,i know of writers who will not tell the real story claiming to be in love with the university.Its about telling it the way it is,the readers the audience here control what we do about them in some way,we tell it as they present it to us.

  5. The coin has two sides the head and the tail so as u talk about the head also let pple know about the tail.
    Buh news shldn’t be pleasing to everyone.
    Maybe those complaining are the carriers of the exposed truth

  6. Somewhat true,,,
    But why do u look for traffic based on wrong doings of people rather you should expose such issues and give out the resolutions of such issues .
    Since your traffic are mostly students and such post have no importance to most of us.

    Congrats for technology, sponsorship but most of your daily post are boring.

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